What People are saying about CopyWriteEdit

Linda Verde’s clear and crisp articulation of concepts is impressive.

Joanne Reid

Owner, Joanne Reid Consulting

Despite being in the midst of a situation, Linda is able to step back and make a clear appraisal of what is going on and what needs to be done.

Cathy Miller

Retired Secondary School Teacher and Executive Member, Alzheimer?s Society

Linda has worked with me on several writing projects and although she can generate great ideas, even more I value her ability to support someone else?s idea and make it come alive.


Trisha Lusher

PharmacyTechnician Student

Linda has a passion to make sure her writing is clear and authentically represents her client. Her ability to write in different styles makes sure her message reaches the intended audience.

Petra Remy

MA, CFP Investment Advisor , CIBC Wood Gundy

Linda is effortlessly articulate in an age when this manner of communicating is becoming rare.

Barbara VanHaarlem

Statistician and Author

A resourceful problem-solver, Linda is very creative and can make something seemingly out of nothing.

Christine Garrett

Personal Support Worker

What is unique about Linda is her creativity. Some people are able to think and brain-storm within the confines of a given structure, others can think ?outside-the-box.? Linda seems to be able to do so ?without a box.? Such individuals are the true gems of a corporation.

Tony Albright

Professor and Department Chair

Linda loves a challenge and although realistic about obstacles she is determined to overcome them, and finds a way to work around them sensibly.

Elizabeth Cameron

Writer and Bookseller

Imagination! Linda has the ability to see that which is not visible but relevant.

Sylvia Green

Retired Teacher

Linda is a talented writer who is able to produce quality material across a wide variety of topics and styles. She has a very approachable, easy-to-work-with manner. I have always appreciated her ability to make anything she writes relevant?and understandable to the appropriate audience, while also being creative and interesting. She knows how to draw a reader in.

Angela Smith

Owner, Smith with an Eye Communications

Linda has good logic and reason; she is able to take a situation or information and make sense of it quickly and accurately.

Robert Sutherland

Pharmacy Technician