CopyWriteEdit Services

Copywriting: The Marketing Edge

Reach your Business-to-Business clients and prospects in ways that make them take notice. Persuade, inform and entertain with good copy that invokes an emotional response and calls your readers to action. Whether that action is buying your product or engaging your services, my copy makes your message intriguing and memorable. It will be up to you to handle the high volume of response.

Editing: The Professional Look

Traditional or Self-Published Book

Whether you have your manuscript written, or an idea you want to develop, you can increase your visibility and credibility by publishing a book. High quality content and a comprehensive marketing strategy will put you on the path to successful author. An experienced editor will work with you as you go through the many aspects of this exciting process.

Do you feel like your message just isn’t getting through?

Finishing Touches
You’ve got your article or story written but it needs some polish. Meeting your word count, sounding the way you want or giving your piece some pizazz, we’ll adjust the text and keep the integrity of your thoughts and voice. Your target audience gets a poignant message that makes you unforgettable.

Content and Flow
Clear writing makes sure you are understood. Don’t risk miscommunication. Let us examine your work for logical consistency and ensure your piece flows smoothly. Express your thoughts in the clearest and most engaging form. 

Proofreading: There, Their or They?re and More

A Last Look
Editors agree; a second set of eyes catch what an author is too close to see. Spell Check recognizes words, not if they are the right ones, and Auto-Correct makes gaffs regularly. We give that needed fresh read that brings word accidents to light. Our proven attention to detail and our language expertise make sure your final copy is accurate and presentable.

Writing: Story Branding

Announce Your Achievements
Tell the world your news ? innovations, applications, revisions or specific information you want known. Well positioned press releases and social media posts carry your message far and wide. Newsletters enhance internal communications and keep people engaged. Regular blogging keeps you front of mind and lets your prospects know who you are. At CopyWriteEdit we use these to extend your influence and increase your sales.

Raise Your Professional or Corporate Profile
Provide valuable information and be easy to find ? this is how you raise your profile in print or online. Your prospects read about you in strategically placed articles. The in-depth information in your white paper shows them your expertise. Their product or service search brings them to your marketing case studies. You seem to be everywhere. CopyWriteEdit makes you stand out in the marketplace.

History and Heritage
Our heritage connects us with past and future generations. Sharing our experiences gives our heritage a context from which others can learn. Let us tell your personal or corporate story and establish your place in history.

Film in the Workplace
For team building, training or creative marketing, working on a film is a great collaborative exercise that promotes thinking out of the box. From your details we write a screenplay to suit your needs and fit your people.

Ghostwriting: Be Known for Your Expertise

Your Own Byline
Having trouble putting your thoughts into words, or getting time to do so? Don’t let time constraints limit your success. Expand your public image and increase client possibilities. Raise your professional or corporate profile with a strong presence in print or online. We take your ideas and information, craft a suitable vehicle — articles, books, white papers, speeches, blogs, tweets, etc. — and you get the exposure you want. This kind of high profile piques the interest of your prospects and affirms the loyalty of your clients.