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Linda?s experience and background provide expertise in writing for the betterment of business. Continually learning and seeking improvement, her knowledge gives her clients a marketing edge.

She completed AWAI’s (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) in-depth program for copywriters, the gold standard for copywriting.?She attends webinars and workshops with renowned copywriters such as Clayton Makepeace, Joshua Boswell, Steve Slaunwhite and Nick Usborne. Such experience and knowledge add value to her remarkable writing talents.

3M Canada, Taylor Remy Brown Investment Group, Smith with an Eye Communications, Rise Asset Development and Your Holistic Earth are a few of Linda’s clients. You will find her a pleasant, team-oriented individual who builds lasting relationships with her clients. She goes that extra mile to make your project stand out and triumph.

  • Web copy that attracts and informs
  • Articles in industry journals
  • White papers that show expertise
  • Newsletters with stories of innovations and success
  • Marketing case studies
  • Blogs that keep you top of mind
  • Professional/corporate profiles
  • Story branding
  • Speeches
  • Scripts


CopyWriteEdit Clients

Ivey Business School
Publisher/editor and managing editor of Ivey Business Quarterly (management magazine)

This prestigious publication enjoyed a high-level executive readership and provided leading-edge articles on practical management issues. There were many editorial challenges with this magazine including translating academic theory into practical, how-to language. Executives often sent in manuscripts that held a different kind of editing challenge ? telling their story without any advertorial tones. We looked for leading edge topics. Authors commended me for maintaining their voice and integrity of thought. I wrote articles, briefs, editorials and press releases. The editorials necessarily wove diverse topics into an integrated piece. This is one of my talents. As managing editor, I wrote successful direct response materials, such as direct mail marketing, blow-in cards and renewal series for subscriber procurement and retention.

What did I take away from this experience? An in-depth understanding of the business world.


Petra Remy
Investment Advisor
Taylor Remy Brown Investment Group, CIBC Wood Gundy

Writing and editing articles, bios, directory entries, white papers, speeches, presentations and marketing materials?

When Petra took her position at Wood Gundy in Edmonton, she moved cities and provinces. Building a new network of clients is her priority. How do we do that? Raise her professional profile among her peers and make her a known public entity to prospective clients. The first step was ghostwriting articles to be published in local, national and online venues. ?Since then we have worked together on her profile, presentations, speeches, white papers, direct response marketing materials and correspondence requiring great sensitivity and purpose.

What makes me so valuable to Petra? I understand marketing, Petra?s niche, and how to keep her voice authentic throughout her brand. She is now a sought-after speaker and presenter at conferences.


3M Canada
Health Care Department

Product information articles and success stories for Health Care Links (internal newsletter)

These pieces let the staff across the company know about the latest best practices in health care management as well as product development and employee successes. My positive attitude made me a natural fit to write these stories in an upbeat style.

Were they effective? Absolutely. Many innovative collaborations were inspired by recognition of overlaps in client needs across the various divisions. Colleagues featured for their success became resources for problem solving collaboration. When it came time for the department to develop a form letter for approaching new clients, they came to me to write the copy.


3M Canada
Microbiology Department

Product information articles and success stories for Micro Method (internal newsletter)

Writing articles to showcase new products and celebrate employee successes in this very specialized area of health care gave me a glimpse into the field of microbiology. It was fascinating learning more about the world we cannot see, one that has such an impact on our lives.

Was it a challenge to take scientific technicalities and present them in a way that could be easily understood? Definitely. But my love of learning and determination helped me rise to the occasion time and time again.


3M Canada
Industry and Transportation Department

Product information articles and success stories for I&T (internal newsletter)

For this monthly newsletter, the articles were about products or processes and employee wins. The shorter publication cycle meant tighter deadlines, which were always met.

How was this different from the other newsletters?? I was responsible for more research and personal interviews with this one. Talking with sales and service representatives, gave me a better insight into the science behind the products and business savvy behind the customer service. As ever, I enjoyed learning new things and being able to contribute to the overall success of the department.

Smith with an Eye Communications Management
Writing and editing articles, annual reports, r?sum?s, marketing materials, business data base maintenance

I have been on the roster of writer/editors for this company for many years. With international clients, Smith with an Eye presents interesting writing and editing challenges. My work on finalizing copy of a publication in the oil and gas industry helped me understand some of the business issues specific to that industry. The owner of this company and I have collaborated successfully on various projects and marketing campaigns.

What does it take for success with this kind of firm? Being team-oriented and having an ability to write in diverse styles results in my lasting relationship with this client.


Indigo Books and Music
Book Seller and Script Writer

What writer doesn?t like books? Working at Chapters gave me great knowledge about book publishing, and helped me understand the retail industry from the front lines. Retail marketing must be specific to the kind of products offered. As a writer, my interest was piqued to see what marketing materials this company used. What I learned made me a better copywriter.

I want to tell you a personal success story. At one point, due to staff cutbacks and administrative reorganization, employee morale declined. Two newly published books were featured in a selling competition between stores. A rival store produced a video in their attempts to win. My colleague with?a background in film and I decided to do our own video. I wrote the screenplay, he did the filming and editing and it was acted by other employees. Those who worked together on the project bonded and morale was given a boost. We won the competition. I wrote another script for a later video.

What did I learn? I was amazed at how effective collaborating on the videos was for team building. The whole working environment improved. Staff members were excited to come in to work and took more interest in their co-workers. It was a very positive experience overall and I particularly enjoyed developing my script-writing talents.


ParaMed Home Health Care
Writer and editor of medical reports, corporate policies, business proposals, correspondence

My command of medical terminology developed over years of personal interest and other work opportunities. Writing for the burgeoning home health care industry brought with it an increased understanding of how the concept of well being is changing in our society. Allowing people to be treated in their own homes presents certain challenges and the business of providing that service looks very different than the business of a hospital or clinic.

Is this end-user driven? Not exactly. When writing marketing materials, I understood that the prospects were the prescribing medical professionals and the clients themselves. Knowing your target audience is key to any successful marketing plan.


Nikki Morris – Ignite Your Passion
Guest blogger

When Nikki Morris let it be known on Vendeve, a women?s business networking site, that she was looking for guest bloggers I jumped at the chance. Ignite Your Passion is a site for entrepreneurs.

What do I have to say to entrepreneurs? Being an entrepreneur I understand the demands, rewards and frustrations of running your own business. Keeping things light, I want entrepreneurs to take heart and enjoy the perks of being your own boss ? even if it is causing you to tear your hair out.


Website Content
Content writer

Websites are designed to integrate the artistically pleasing with the latest technological developments and search engine optimization (SEO). Writing the content for those sites requires a deep understanding of the owner’s position in the marketplace, the intended audience, the technicalities of the products or services being offered and the best way to reach prospects.

Why do I love this challenge? Writing for the Internet is quite different than for other media, so it is linguistically challenging, but even more, I really enjoy contributing to client success. A good website is fundamental to an Internet marketing platform. The design catches the prospects eye, but it is the content that holds their attention.