Book Editing

One of the best ways to establish your credibility as an expert is publishing a book. Your knowledge, gleaned from experience and education, is unique and valuable. Authentically sharing what you have learned helps others while confirming your professional and personal authority.

10 Benefits of Publishing a Book

  • You are established as an expert in your field
  • You are recognized as an authority and requested as a speaker
  • You help others overcome similar difficulties
  • You affirm for others that they are not alone in their difficulties
  • You inspire and/or entertain
  • You stand out as an accomplished professional
  • You are valued for your uniqueness
  • You provide relatable insights that others want to hear
  • You raise your profile and increase your business leads
  • You fulfill the human need to advance and evolve toward and authentic and authoritative state of being.

Ask Me About

  • Developing Your Content
  • Book Format
  • Your Platform
  • Launch and Pre-Launch Marketing
  • Traditional vs. Self-Publishing
  • Post-launch Marketing

What You Get

  • Thoughtful review and analysis of manuscript
  • Advice on what is needed to make manuscript ready for publication
  • Organization of content ? for best understanding and memorability of concepts
  • Logically consistency
  • Language flow for reading ease and engagement
  • Your voice maintained with captivating language
  • Consistency of format
  • Grammatical and spelling accuracy
  • Compliance with publisher?s requirements