Specializing in Content Marketing for Management and Leadership Development

Imagine finding a writer who understands the issues of good management and leadership, AND can make a seamless transition to your content marketing team.
I am that writer.

Ten benefits to using Linda Verde for your content marketing

Enhance your brand with a flexible and nuanced approach that aligns content language with your brand?s essence for optimum impact.
Maintain credibility of your brand by putting my more than 20 years of experience preparing Ivey Business School?s content for publication to work for you.
Innovatively present your services with a unique perspective gained by a synthesis of a varied background and broad knowledge.
Infuse your message with zest because I am dedicated to good leadership, and passionate about language and client success.
See your offerings stand out when treated by a trained copywriter with a penchant for marketing authentically and effectively: skills needed to identify, understand and reach a target market.
Add quality to your content marketing team with a proven publisher and editor of Ivey Business Quarterly, and?Editor in Chief of Vascular Access.?Both are publications respected for the high quality of their content and their dedication to excellence in their fields.
Count on content readability for your prospects from years of translating theories into best practice when developing articles from manuscripts written by executives and academics.
Immediately ease your project work load with a print and Web expert, specializing in in-depth copy such as white papers, articles, case studies, corporate or organizational newsletters, magazines.
Send an unmistakable message because your content is edited for clarity of thought, logical consistency, continuity and flow with accessible language ? while maintaining the voice of the author.
Speak to your prospects in their terms using familiarity with industry-specific language learned from experience in many sectors, including: business, government, health care, law, engineering, manufacturing, retail, the arts and most academic disciplines.

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